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Six Wines to Try - Vintages Release – May 1, 2010

Greg's Unique Picks

This week I have picked 6 unique wines that have differed from my past selections. The Craggy Range compares with wines at 3 or 4 times the price and is a steal at $29.95. I have picked another Red Blend from the same area and it is great value at $16.95. Try a bottle and compare to the Craggy Range.
My next selection is a Rosé and I’m asking you to step out of your comfort zone and try it. Save it for a nice warm evening, chill it and enjoy it on your deck.
I also picked a nice Spanish Rioja from 2001. It’s been nicely aged and is drinkable now, but could sit for another 2 to 4 years. Save it to serve with a nice leg of lamb on the bbq.
My white pick is a German Kabinett Riesling. Many people say they don’t like this style of wine because it is to sweet, but if you pair it with the right food I swear you will be drinking it like water. Try it with Chinese, Thai or Asian fusion foods.
My final pick is a little pricey, but if you love great Port this will be one for the ages. I have a dozen bottles that I bought in the 80’s and 90’s and I’m just starting to share them with my “best” friends now.
I hope you enjoy these picks and please let me know what you bought and what you liked or disliked!

Enjoy your weekend,

Greg Heller
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Craggy Range Gimblett Gravels Vineyard Te Kahu 2007,
Hawkes Bay, North Island, Single Vineyard
New Zealand
Vintages #163584; Wine Align Rating - 91; $29.95
This is an amazing Bordeaux style blend that I tasted last month. Great bang for the buck and drinkable now, but if you’re smart, get a case and cellar for a few years.

Wild Rock Gravel Pit Red 2007,
Hawkes Bay, North Island, Gimblett Gravels
New Zealand
Vintages #163600; Wine Align Rating – 88; $16.95
This is a value cousin to the Craggy Range Te Kahue above. Try a bottle of this and compare.
Wine Align says “ it is a boldly fruity red with deep colour. An excellent quaffer!

Château Cahuzac Tradition Rosé 2009,
Ac Fronton
Southwest, France
Vintages #117317; Wine Align Rating - 89; $13.95
This is not the Baby Duck Rose that your Grandmother would drink. If you have never had a great Rose, here is one to start with. The price is right and you will never look back.

Burgo Viejo Reserva 2001,
Doca Rioja Spain
Vintages #168823; Wine Align Rating - 89; $19.95
A great Spanish Red at a good price. Drink now or age for another 2 to 4+ years. Medium body, great with roast leg of lamb or roast beef.

Geil Riesling Kabinett 2008,
Qmp, Bechtheimer Rosengarten
Riesling, Germany
Vintages #994764; Wine align Rating – 89; $15.95
If you have never tried the great German Kabinett Rieslings here is one to try. Many people find these wines sweet …they are not, but they are very fruity. Try this with some great Asian cuisine and I’m convinced you will become a fan.

Warre's Vintage Port 2007
Douro Portugal
Vintages #140251; Wine Align Rating 94; $79.00
Vintage ports are only released in years which are truly remarkable and it looks like 2007 is one of those years. You could drink this now, but best to leave it a few more years. They will easily cellar for 20+ years. Go out on a limb and buy now for a special occasion.
Wine Align says: “I love the nose on this, with blackberry, black licorice, and dark chocolate. Full bodied, medium sweet and very, very dense. What seductive mouth feel, with polished, round tannins that caress the palate. This may be better than the fantastic 1994. Score: 95-98. (James Suckling,, Web Only, 2009)”

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