Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Kid's Camp at The Chef Upstairs

Who would believe that you could have so much fun at a cooking camp? Well the kids at our summer cooking camp are having a blast. Yesterday Chef Amy Symington had them designing a 4 course menu for a dinner party. The ideas they came up with were amazing!
Every day Chef Amy takes the kids grocery shopping for the day's ingredients. Yesterday they were at Sobey's on Mount Pleasant and the Store Manager took time to talk with the children and threw in a free bag of cherries ...what a treat!

Today’s theme is Delicious Dairy and Alternative Day. Here is the schedule for the day:

Breakfast: Eggs a la Chef (Eggs Benedict with portobello mushrooms and asparagus) with watermelon juice

Amy will talk about the top four allergens and their substitutes, as well as how to read product labels

Grocery shopping!

Lunch: Gourmet grill cheese with an easy lime aioli and a no milk milkshake

Snack: Apple and Brie tarts

Afternoon activities: Food charades and chef hat decorating

If you think that your child would be interested in one of our programs at The Chef Upstairs give us a call at 416-544-9221 or visit us at

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